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With HexErgy we can lead in all aspects of energy communities to enable your municipality to fight energy poverty and support the economy.

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we can help you with

Consultancy Experts

We provided you access to any of our certified expert partners that can help you with any legal, technical and management needs of your community.

Social Inclusion

The marketplace of HexErgy was designed to facilitate the access of all citizens to any renewable energy community

Industrial Sensibilization

Our Expertise allow us to conduct webinar for the industry to guide their role in the energy transition of your community.

Enable Analytics

We can provide customised analytics of your energy communities to increase the impact of your sustainable goals.

energy community blockchain platform

About Us

HexErgy is an innovative Italian startup based in Molise that promotes sustainable, efficient and innovative applications with high social impact to support the energy transition.

Thanks to our work and that of our partners, we can provide you with all the tools to promote the development of renewable sources and allow the supply of energy at affordable prices within your municipality by creating an energy community.

Be Part Of the Energy Transition With HexErgy

Allowing The Energy Transition

The mission of HexErgy is to promote the energy transition by making renewable energy solutions smarter, more efficient and more affordable for European energy market players 

Increasing The social Inclusion

HexErgy was designed to facilitate and simplify the process and mechanism of a citizen to participate in a renewable energy community and be remunerated by helping with the energy transition of the community.

Reducing The Energy Poverty

HexErgy support the access to clean energy to any citizen within a community reducing the energy poverty of the municipality itself.

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Let Yourself Be Guided By A Team Of Experts To

Make The Most Of This Opportunity!